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We Love Bar-B-Que

Old Glory features authentic Bar-B-Que. Great Bar-B-Que ain’t just cooked… It’s nurtured, it’s felt. It can come from a sawed off 55 gallon drum on the side of the road in Savannah, or from the sparkling kitchen of a 150 seat restaurant in Kansas City, but the feeling is the same, True “Q”.

Of all our “native” foods, Bar-B-Que is uniquely, authentically and gloriously All-American. Old Glory, located on historic M Street in Georgetown, captures the food, flavor and feel of the great Bar-B-Que restaurants of America and offers representations of each style of Bar-B-Que served in different parts of the country. “It looks like a rib joint, sounds like a rib joint and smells like one… the kitchen smokes fine barbecue,” says the Washington Post.

The huge Bar-B-Que pit, the open kitchen, and the 1901 Silver Dollar Four Winds hand-crafted bar create a lively, exciting atmosphere that is downright down-home.

To salute the essence and diversity of our nation’s regional cooking styles, Old Glory offers genuinely slow cooked meats and an array of regional housemade Bar-B-Que sauces and dry rubs that reflect the styles developed in some of our country’s greatest Bar-B-Que locales.

We Love Bourbon

Do you? Then you should definitely join the Old Glory Bourbon Club! Old Glory features over 80 varieties, and when you make your way through them all — not at one sitting, mind you, you get your very own brass plaque proudly displayed on our hallowed walls!

Sippin’ bourbon is an age old pastime, and there are a few things to look for to find your favorites. Bourbon adopts the characteristics of its soil, air and wood, all of which add to its flavor. Give yours a good, long look. Is it a nice, dark amber with clarity? Then it has been aged properly. Next up is the nose. It should have notes of caramel and a little vanilla. Finally, and most importantly, the taste. It should start out a little sweet with a nutty, never burnt finish.

Small batch or single barrel, give these amber beauties a try.

We Love Beer

Especially if it is American made and manufactured by the more than 2,800 breweries in the USA. Since the end of prohibition, many of the big breweries that returned to producing beer are largely owned by international conglomerates and still retain their dominance of the market in the 21st century. However, the majority of the new breweries that have opened in the U.S. over the past three decades have been small breweries and brewpubs, which are now called Craft Breweries.

In 1978, President Carter signed H.R. 1337 into law, which legalized the home production of a small amount of beer or wine for personal consumption. Since then, the United States has witnessed a resurgence of brewing culture with the widespread proliferation of small breweries. Toast with your favorite at Old Glory, proud supporter of local craft brews.

Check out our Beer List here!

Melanie Kurtz

Executive Chef

Executive Chef Melanie Kurtz

Melanie is a graduate from The Pennsylvania Institute Culinary Arts, 2004 earning her an associates degree in culinary arts. 

It is then when she first began working with Capital Restaurant Concepts as an intern, starting as a line cook and working her way through the kitchen at Paolo’s Ristorante in Georgetown where she became the Sous Chef in 2008. Melanie also had the opportunity to work as the Chef at Ovations, the on-site restaurant at Wolf Trap National Park for the performing arts during the summers of 2009-2010. Melanie then came back to Paolo’s Ristoranate in Georgetown as the Executive Sous Chef.

Melanie was recently promoted to be the Executive Chef at Old Glory BBQ. Melanie credits her father for her love of learning the culinary arts.

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